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Business Technology Group Limited

Leased Line/Internet/Support/Invoicing Terms & Conditions 

This agreement represents the entire agreement between Business Technology Group Limited referred to as “BTGL” and the Customer named on the Contract/Order for the provision of Leased Line/Internet Services.  The Customer hereby confirms that the Agreement cannot be modified by its own terms and conditions of business. Any variations to this Agreement will only become valid if signed by both the Customer and an authorised signatory of BTGL.

1    Definitions

The meanings of various terms set out in the Agreement are:-

“Agreement”   The agreement between BTGL and the Customer for the provision of Leased Line and WiFi Services.
“BTGL”           Business Technology Group Limited, the employees of BTGL or its agents.

2    Provisions of Equipment Support

a)   BTGL shall provide maintenance support at the installation address for the equipment shown on this agreement in accordance with the customer’s maintenance cover option.  BTGL will provide without further charge all repairs and replacements to the listed equipment necessitated by fair wear and tear, faulty workmanship or faulty materials.
b)   BTGL will ensure all hardware is kept up to date with the latest firmware.

3    Leased Line Support Cover – 24/7/365

BTGL have an agreement in place with the service provider to provide 24/7 365-day support in the event of failure/loss of service of the main internet line. Please contact for all fault reporting. The Below states the Response and Fix Times of the Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Critical        Total loss of service                30 Minutes to respond            6 Hours to resolve.
High            Partial Loss of Service           30 Minutes to respond            10 Hours to resolve
Normal        Intermittent Loss of Service   1 Hour to respond                   48 Hours to resolve.
Low             Information/change request  4 Hours to respond                  48 Hours to resolve.

4    Duration and Costs

a)   The initial minimum period of this agreement is 60 months starting on the date all services are live and handed over.  The agreement will automatically renew thereafter for a further 60 month minimum term unless either party shall give 90 working days prior written notice of termination.
b)   The minimum term shall only vary from the above if agreed by BGTL and confirmed in writing.
c)   If the customer has committed any breach of this agreement, BTGL will notify the customer of the breach in writing.
d)   BTGL may immediately terminate this agreement if the breach has not been remedied within 14 days,
e)   BTGL reserve the right to increase pricing annually in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation pus 3.9%.

f)    Any mid contract changes to the service (speed increase or supply location/address) enters a new minimum period as detailed above, unless specified and agreed in writing.

5    Customer’s Obligations

The Customer agrees to the following conditions:-

a)   To keep the equipment in environmental conditions recommended by the manufacturer.
b)   To use the equipment in accordance with the instructions and recommendations issued by the manufacturer and/or BTGL
c)   Not to allow anyone other than BTGL to adjust, maintain, repair, replace or remove any part of the equipment or wiring
d)   Not to allow anyone other than BTGL to carry out any programming work.
e)   Not to move the equipment from its present location in the premises shown overleaf without obtaining BTL’s prior written approval.
f)    To allow BTGL the reasonable right to access to the premises shown overleaf where required for the performance of its duties
g)   To not use the internet service to download illegal content.

6    Suspension of Service

a).  BTGL shall not be obliged to provide any service under this agreement if any charge is overdue.

7    Invoicing and Payment.

a)    Invoices will be issued monthly by BTGL, at least one month in advance.
b)    The Customer agrees to pay the invoices at least 7 days prior to the due date.
c)    Payments of invoices shall be made in full without set off of any amounts.

d) BTGL reserves the right to add late payment fees for any invoice over 45 days late from the specified invoice due date on the relevant invoice.

8    Liability

a)    BTGL shall not be liable to the Customer for any breach of any provision of this agreement caused by any reason outside its control or responsibility, including the failure of the Network Carrier to provide network capacity or the failure of equipment supplied by any third-party telecommunications operator, on which it was reliant for the purposes of this agreement.  The following are examples of reasons outside of the control of BTGL: -   failure of power supplies, power surges, internet failure, computer viruses, flood, drought, inclement weather, lightning strike, fire, strike or other labour dispute, war. 
b)    BTGL shall not in any event be liable to the Customer or any third party for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental loss or other damages howsoever arising or for any loss of revenue, cost savings or profit.
c)    BTGL shall not be liable for any delay in the execution of any work under this agreement howsoever caused.

9    Assignment

a)    BTGL may assign or delegate any of its rights or obligations under this agreement.
b)    The Customer may only assign or delegate its rights or obligations under this agreement with the prior written consent of BTGL.

10    Legal

a)    This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
b)    Implied terms shall be excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
c)    Failure of either party to exercise or enforce any right within this agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of such right.

11    Speeds

a)    Upload and download speeds are guaranteed as agreed with the exception of ‘Up to’ speed choices.
b)    The guaranteed upload/download speed relates to speeds to the NTE and the speed will be stated on the order form.
c)    ‘Up to’ speed choices refer to the maximum speeds available on the chosen price plan and are not fixed speeds.
d)    When WiFi is supplied as part of the services, the WiFi supports 802.11a/n/ac/b/g speeds which provides up to 867Mbps depending on the device being used, its firmware level and the distance from the WiFI access Point. WiFI speeds cant be guaranteed and speeds will fluctuate on a per device basis.

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